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To Purchase MoreTrees.com House Plans  

To purchase, please print out this form to fill out (with signature), then mail to


3644 Hanover

Dallas, TX 75225


Step 1) Fill in the number of blueprint sets you want to purchase, multiply set count by $200 for total price (shipping and tax already included.)

_____ set(s) of Plan #1 Beach House

_____ set(s) of Plan #2 Shingle Style Cottage

_____ set(s) of Plan #3 Farm House Revisited

_____ set(s) of Plan #4 Courtyard House I (w/ Guest Quarters)

_____ set(s) of Plan #5 Southern Lakeside

_____ set(s) of Plan #6 Courtyard House II (Compact Stucco)

_____ set(s) of Plan #7 Courtyard House III (Rosemary Beach)


________   x  $200 = $______ Total price  

Total Sets


Step 2) Make check payable to MoreTrees.com


Step 3) Specify the address where plans should be mailed to

Name: ________________________


City:_______________ State:____ Zip:__________


(Phone/email _________________ to notify in case of problems. You won't be spammed.)


Step 4) Read and sign the following CONDITIONS OF SALE. Signature indicates acknowledgement of CONDITIONS OF SALE and must accompany order payment.

MoreTrees.com shall not be held responsible for any and all cost, expenses, damages or other liability of any nature arising out of, in connection with, or in any way related to plans prepared by MoreTrees.com, including without limitation, defect in design, or material specifications.

Signature __________________________      Date ______________________


Satisfaction guaranteed. Within 60 days of purchase, mail back unmarked, in original-condition plans for a refund minus $10 shipping/handling fee if you're not completely happy. Please don't mark on the plans until you decide to keep them.