Plan #6 - Courtyard House II

CourtyardHouse2.jpg (20155 bytes)      CourtyardHouse2B.jpg (22039 bytes)

First Floor               1462 sqft

Second Floor          1104  sqft

A/C Space              2566 sqft

First Floor              Second Floor

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This house was inspired by Hugh Jacobsen's Dream House for Life Magazine in 1998, where a 2300 sqft house, in typical Jacobsen fashion, was divided into interconnected pavilions with gable roofs and square windows. 

Jacobsen's house was on an acre lot, had plenty of room to articulate the pavilions. I tried out the pavilions idea anyway. Had to scrunch them together to fit the small lake lot, but the design turned out pretty nice. 

At the front door (a French door), the visitor can see through the depth of the house to the water views in the rear. As the visitor enters the house, walking toward the water view, the interior space incrementally expands to the two-story ceiling living room for a nice wow effect. 

The smallest pavilion/gable in front pulls triple duty as a study, media room, and guest quarters. The master bedroom is downstairs and the kids have a play room upstairs to make all the mess they want.

The front entry garage was a necessary evil since I wanted the entire back side be open to the water. I went through many design iterations to make sure the garage nicely fits in with the rest of the facade.

This plan is still good for a non-waterfront lot. Without the garage in the rear, the entire rear side of your house is open to your backyard, for garden/swimming pool views.