4329 Grassmere - The Location 

(University Park history...)

When it comes to location, this house inevitably gets "How's the high school?" which is a block away.

Drive by at different times of the day to see how nice and quiet the street is. Much of it is due to the new parking garage that gives the high schoolers plenty of parking on campus.

The rare HP high schoolers that we see are respectful, quite unlike the stereotypes of that age group. And if you have one in the family, you'll like how this house's location can help postpone the dreaded "car" for your teenager.

Game days during the football season is another story. The neighborhood can get lots of overflow parking from fans going to the stadium. This block, however, gets closed off to car traffic by city staff to not have that problem. (I'm not sure why this block gets the special treatment. Perhaps the residents were more proactive).

You still see fans streaming through on foot. But instead of being an annoyance like car traffic, it makes for quite a festive atmosphere with the cheers and band music from the stadium. That's the time families on the block come out to play, if not going to the game too to enjoy a popular Park Cities tradition.

Other times, if you're a walker, you'll enjoy the proximity to the many shops, restaurants and movie theater. I know I'd enjoy the restaurants more knowing calories are being burned. Extra cake for anyone hauling home a piece or two of furniture from Storehouse or Anteks :-)

Yet the best part of this location is the friendly neighbors and the many kids on the block (23 to be exact). Do talk to a few to see how enthusiastic they're of the block.

And if you're a house nut like me, you'll love how the houses on the block collectively exude the charm and character that are so University Park. Just a nice antidote to some of the McMansion-filled streets.