3512 Amherst - The Location  

(University Park history...)

Not your typical location, being across the street from UP Elementary.

During school hours, especially the drop-off and pickup times, the street is quite busy. Then after school, on the weekends, in the Summer, it swings to being extra quiet (since the street has homes only on one side, 1/2 less population).

If you have young kids, this location is like beachfront good. We've overslept as late as 8:00 am and still got the kids to their class rooms by the 8:15 bell. Pick up couldn't be any easier. 

And if you have a kindergartener and you're a nosey parent, their playground is visible from the living room.

We were leery about this location at first but have come to enjoy it. Seeing the school kids run around makes you want to get up and be active too, like walking to Snider plaza to buy milk, or to Curtis park to feed the ducks. 

The school is practically an extension of the house, our kids play there more than at their backyard. Our family is more active since moving to this location. We even disconnected cable TV and don't miss it.

This location is a little different. It could be a plus for you too.